Real Stock

Campbell's Real Stock is the leading brand of liquid stock in the Australian market with a dominant position.

The Problem


The package was very disjointed with several seperate elements, background, photography and labeling bolted together. The serving suggestion was not appetising and the typography extremely old fashioned.


The Idea

We wanted to integrate all the elements of the brand into one unit telling a rich and evocative story. The pack needed to shout out, 'rich, delicious and warming'. We turned the Real Stock name into a much stronger brand strongly supported by the Campbell's master brand. A trail of steam rises up through the pack and breaks into the Campbell's banner, previously untouchable, to unite the image, background and branding elements. The rich warm tones in the background suggest a hearty meal and a new range of serving suggestions add to the overall appetite appeal of the pack.


The Result


Campbell's Real Stock has cemented itself as the leading liquid stock brand dominating the fixture at point of sale.