Baiada is the No.3 brand of frozen chicken dinners in the Australian market.


The Problem

Baiada had many issues to resolve from a branding perspective. The brand was invisible in the freezer with no consistent brand colour, descriptors that were illegible and a serving suggestion with no appetite appeal! In short beyond price there was little reason for anyone to want to choose Baiada chicken dinners over it's competitors.


The Idea

The solution that Baiada requested was to try and fix all the mistakes of the past and create a mainstream brand that would appeal to families. We gave them an overall brand colour, rich golden yellow which allowed the Baiada blue logo to stand out much more prominently. We also created a table setting style of food photography that suggested a family dining environment that showed off the product to best effect. The range is large with over 15 products so it was important that the variety descriptor was large and easy to find and read.


The Result

Baiada is now a serious alternative to the leading brands.