Fone Zone

Fone Zone is a retail phone store and Telstra products dealer, mainly in regional towns throughout Australia.


The Problem

The Fone Zone identity, a play on a stop sign, had remained unchanged since it launched in the 1990's and had become rather tired and dated especially with the relaunch of the Telstra identity during 2011. Being a Telstra dealer, Fone Zone is strongly tied to them, indeed they're know as the 'Telstra people' in regional areas where Telstra don't have their own store presence so it's important that there is some visual link in their identity that helps tie the two together.


The Directors didn't want to lose the equity they'd built up in the Fone Zone identity for many years and requested an approach that maintained recognition of the brand symbol.


The Idea


Our idea was to reference connectivity and communication, the core activity of Fone Zone, by rebuilding the brand mark from four overlapping octagons of a smaller scale. The new identity is clearly recognisable as the same brand whilst it now has a contemporary edge and is representative of the overlapping layers of communication, data and networks all around us. The logo can be created in a number of different colour options to assist with the visual linkage to Telstra and further build on the idea of a vibrant, contemporary business.


The new identity will be rolled out in store from August 2012.