Dare Raw

The Problem


How to create a new, better for you, version of Dare with only 1% fat without looking like the taste has been compromised. Men in particular don't find the idea of 'diet' versions of the drink they love appealing.


The Idea


The idea was to create a new visual identity that focused on the raw, stripped back taste of the coffee rather than highlight the low fat content in a way that was too overt and might be off putting. The Dare materbrand is retained at the same size as the core range but with it's colours reversed to create contrast with the new white Raw logo. The whole label has a raw, natural, rough edge to it using a textured, degraded wall as a background with the logo elements applied on top almost like graffiti. All the same great coffee taste without the fat!


The Results


Launched in late August 2012 we're waiting to see how the new offer appeals to the iced coffee market and Dare lovers in particular.