Classic is a thick and creamy traditional style flavoured milk that has been on the Australian market for over 30 years in South Australia and Tasmania and has now been introduced into NSW and Queensland.

The Problem


The brand was bland, it had little character and stood for nothing. Classic it was not.


The Idea


Give the name some meaning. It's called Classic, it tastes classic so lets make it look like THE classic milk shake. With the help of illustrator Chris Mitchell we created a graphic interpretation of the classic milkshake glass pouring over with rich creamy flavoured milk.


Classic is sold under the Dairy Farmers brand in some States and Pura in others and has a large array of flavours which when seen together have some of the retro appeal of the Pop Art movement.


The Result


Classic is rejuvinated as a brand and is being rolled out into the other States as a major part of the Lion dairy beverage portfolio.