The Dare brand of iced coffee is growing extremely well for Lion but not content to sit on their laurels the brand team agreed with us that the packaging and communication could still be improved.

The Problem


The Dare brand is all about being made with real coffee and is personified by their coffee bean logo device. Despite the coffee beans on the package the biggest issue facing the brand was that consumers were not 'getting it', many did not see the coffee bean logo and thought it was made with coffee syrup, 'like all the other flavoured milks'. Because of the clear label which showed a lot of pale liquid the brand was also considered weaker than it's main competitor.


Our task was to bring to life Dare's real coffee credentials. It's made with ground Robusta and Arabica coffee beans and is the authentic packaged iced coffee. At the same time any design changes needed to be evolutionary and sensitive to the strong equities and brand recognition that already exist.


The Idea


Our solution was to create a much stronger, more intense and authentic looking label with many real coffee cues from the falling beans to the dark background and typographic style. The flavour varieties are simply and clearly identifed through strong colour panels and the real coffee message is further communicated by the 'made with real coffee' stamp, spelling out the Arabica and Robusta bean varieties and the coffee strength cup icon.

The redesign took the brand from flavoured milk into the specialist in iced coffee.


The Results


Within the first two months of relaunch with no other marketing support the brand achieved it's highest ever sales in Victoria and Western Australia and is quickly heading towards it's goal of being the No.1 iced coffee brand in Australia.