We all know what's it like when we really love a particular brand. Only that brand will do and we'll go out of our way to choose it over any other, wiling to even pay a higher price for it because it not only satisfies a need - it's deeper than that - there's a connection built where you feel a part of the brand, almost like you own a part of it. Sports teams are a perfect example of fanatical brand support, think of Manchester United or Collingwood, because their fans are deeply, emotionally connected. In the world of consumer goods it's hard to look past Apple for building a similarly connected community who feel incredibly strongly about their products and espouse their merits to others.


This is what we aim to achieve at Idea, to create brands that people love.


We believe in creating strong, ownable brands.

This sounds like jargon but what does it really mean?


It means visually telling the unique story of each brand and why it's special. By doing this we create personality allowing it to have a voice of it's own that creates differentiation from other brands helping it to stand out on shelf and remain in the shoppers mind.


At the same time we can't ignore the past. Many brands don't need to rewrite their story, they just need a new 'book cover' to help them attract new people to read it. We're always sympathetic to existing equities, looking to enhance and build on what already exists and may be familiar to customers.


In all cases we believe in putting the brand first, stripping away the baggage to leave only what is important. We have only a few precious seconds to convince shoppers to pick us up and place us in their basket, we need them to hear our voices clearly and easily above the din of the shelves.