Over a 100 years of heritage as Australia's oldest soap brand.


The Problem

With the increasing popularity of shower gel traditional soap bars such as Velvet have not had the sales volume to justify regular design updates and so have fallen behind the times. Regular users are budget conscious families and older people so the brief requested the familiarity of the brand be retained along with the existing photographic image.


The Idea

The Velvet brand story centres around purity and softness so this became the central focus of the design, to unify all the elements of the pack into one coherent image with Velvet at the heart.


The soft, curvacious logo shape now has some dimension and form as well as more positive energy moving upwards across the pack and the Velvet wordmark fits inside the shape with softer, more flowing hand drawn letterforms. The background has a sense of lightness and purity with the photo image integrated as if outdoors with strong sunlight shining down.


Typography was kept clean, simple and as pure as possible.