Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea

A new tea blend for Australia to call it's own.


Twinings created a lot of news around this new blend by inviting 40 celebrities to participate in creating their own versions of what they thought would make the ideal Australian tea. These blends were assessed in London by a panel of experts with the top five blends selected. The final judging was then completed by the general public at special tasting events with the winning blend having been created by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd! Each celebrity had their own nominated charity which was to receive 10c from the sale of each pack, the RSPCA was the nominated choice of Mr Rudd.


The pack design was also part of the competition and was open to all students. The winning design was created by Kimberley Clifford. Idea was then asked by Twinings to refine the design and pepare it ready for the commercial market. We tried to retain the essence of her winning design, the heat of the red centre as the sun begins to set in the late afternoon haze with that unique icon of Australia, the kangaroo hopping across the horizon. Golden yellow was selected for the background to ensure this blend stood out amongst the Twinings range.


The pack was launched by Mr Rudd on Australia Day 2012 and has been a huge success with 450,000 households buying the blend placing it in the top 25% of beverage NPD launches based on consumer uptake.