Freedom to grow is the motto of Sprout, a mobile accessories brand owned the Vita Group and available in Fone Zone and Next Byte stores.


The Problem

The previous design was not aspirational enough and the packaging too generic to generate any brand loyalty or higher price premium. The packaging used thick plastic throughout, was hard to open and was very environmentally unfriendly.


The Idea

We thought Sprout was a great brand name, catchy, memorable and quite playful and we wanted to bring these attributes to life. The new logo literally is sprouting from the base of the package, climbing up across the visual front face. The striking colour scheme of deep aubergine and lime is combined with light hearted, witty copywriting to help descibe each product and product shown against a neutral, natural grey.


The physical packaging itself was designed in association with our friends at product design company Outerspace Design (www.outerspacedesign.com) and builds on the 'natural' idea already personified in the name. All the board used is recycled pulp board moulded to fit each product line and provides a lovely tactile contrast to the technical products. Plastic is kept to a minimum and not used at all where possible.


The packaging has just won a bronze medal at the Australian Packaging Design Awards 2012.