Get Real

Get Real is a new brand replacing what previously were generic 'fruit bars' from SPC.


The Problem

How do you sell packaged fruit to kids? This was the fundamental problem facing SPC Ardmona. Fruit snacks were not considered interesting or exciting by kids and would often be left uneaten in the lunchbox. The previous design looked generic with lots of fruit but with little character or personality and hadn't worked, the brand faced delisting.


The idea


Our solution was to think of the product from the kids perspective. To gain the kids interest there needed to be more attitude and fun, giving them an opportunity to get involved. 'Get us interested in fruit?' Get Real!


We liked the double meaning behind the name we created for the brand, Get Real. For kids it had an edge of attitude and confrontation but for parents it was an invitation to 'Get something Real' into their kids through the real fruit in the snacks. The bright Granny Smith green was deliberately chosen to stand out strongly on shelf and with help from illustrator Philip Small the individual flavour cartoons were given their own distinctive character. Raspberry is palin rude, Outragious Orange is, well... outragious and Forest Fruits is plain freaky!