Rx was a new brand of bourbon created for Diagio UK.


The Problem


Bourbon was considered old fashioned and drunk mainly by men. The spirits cues are extremely traditional, old rocking chairs - southern American states, not at all enticing for the young breed of male and female drinkers who frequent the bars and clubs on the weekend. By contrast vodka was seen to be extremely aspirational with a unisex appeal. Tall slim bottles, clear liquids, innovative graphics and able to be drunk straight or mixed was an appealing combination.


The Idea


To create a bourbon brand that would be considered contemporary but at the same time was rooted in authenticity. The team created a bespoke tall bottle that felt beautiful in the hand that immediately helped the brand stand out as new, interesting and different. The bottle was further enhanced by a deep deboss of the Rx logo circular holding shape and bold etch effect and emboss of the Rx logo itself.


The product inside Rx is actually George Dickel bourbon, a brand that was sold during prohibition as a medicine through a prescription - and hence the brand name Rx came about. This story is told throughout the label detailing.


The Result


The brand performed well in it's Czech and Dutch test markets outselling the brand leaders Jim Beam and Four Roses but was unfortunately discontinued when Diagio decided to focus their attention on their ten global brands.


Diagio may not have wanted to invest in it but we still think it looks great!