The Big Cheese

Cheezels is the Classic Australian snack food, loved by generations of children, young and old! Who can resist putting them on your fingers and eating them one by one.


The Problem

Whilst everyone recognised Cheezels in it's unique blue box, somehow this unique-ness was not reflected anywhere else in the branding. The brand needed to be updated to reflect all that was special about Cheezels without losing any brand recognition.


The Idea

The design seeks to bring out the inner child in everyone. With help from illustrator Philip Small a new Cheezels character and family were created to be spokespersons for the brand and bring a sense of playfulness to the packs. The branding was significantly strengthened by creating a new Masterbrand device which encompasses the round nature of the product with a hand drawn, ownable logotype. Cheezels is the snack with a hole on the middle.


The core product was then extended into Cheezels Minis, the little children of 'Cheezel' and also Cheezels Holes, an innovative way to sell 'the bit that fell out of the middle'!


The success of this design can be judged in that it remains unchanged 10 years on and even after a change of brand owner.