Mildura, the juice you grew up with.

The Problem


Whilst still selling in large volumes Mildura Juice was in danger of being swamped by other, newer, more exciting brands and was also becoming something of a commodity selling only at a cheap price point. The design had not changed for many years and the challenge was to refresh the brand whilst not losing its recognisability or quirky 70's characteristics that people remembered from their childhood. 


The Idea


Our solution was to visualise the core idea of refreshment. One of Mildura's key points of difference is that it is a mix of 25% juice and water so that it has a much lighter consistency and is more refreshing. Another key aspect to build on was the sunshine yellow owned by the brand. Whilst the sub name 'sunrise' has been removed from the pack it was vital that the sense of golden summer sunshine, vitality and ripe fruit was retained.


The Mildura logo has been redrawn and updated but still retains many of the quirky curves that give it that 70's appeal. The new illustrations by Philip Small of Watermark add the appetite appeal and a strong sense of refreshment as they drop into the liquid.


The new packs go on sale in late September, catch up on a taste of your childhood!