Prior to the redesign Bols was the No.2 brand of vodka in Poland.


The Problem


Established in the market place Bols needed to build on it's reputation and enhance it's presentation through all the small details that go to make a premium spirit brand.


The Idea

This redesign was all about detail, enhancing the latent equities owned by the brand and achieving premium brand stature. Designed by Tim Moore, when Head of Graphics at Siebert Head London, the team developed both a new bottle structure, featuring embossing of the crest and the 'onion dome' top of the bottle, as well the label graphics. The conventional rectangular label was replaced by a diecut label featuring matt and foil silver, medals won in competition and detailed crests and heraldry.


For the carton the graphics were wrapped around two faces so that when two boxes are placed side by side the graphics combine together to make a double facing for greater shelf impact, paticularly at Duty Free.


The success of the core brand redesign lead to a new Super Premium range being introduced, Bols Excellent. Beautifully tall and slim the bottle is extremely elegant and builds on the core equities. Graphics are screen printed on to the glass featuring the Bols crest.

For the cartons the bottles were frozen into a huge block of ice and interesting refractions photographed. Vodka on ice, literally.


The Result


Since the redesign Bols has become the No.1 brand of vodka in Poland.