A new everyday organic skincare range, targeted primarily at families.


The Problem


How to stand out on shelf as a new brand in a highly competitive fixture dominated by 'value' brands.


The Idea

To create a brand that had the impact to be noticed on shelf from a distance whilst at the same time having the finesse and delicacy when in the hand to impress and reassure customers of it's organic credentials.

We achieved this through combining the graphic strength of a large organic 'O' with the idea of a leaf in nature with a ladybird upon it. The suns rays come shining through the 'O' adding freshness and vitality. The ping of red from the ladybird helps bring the pack to life and the sense of nature is what transforms this brand from just a graphic mark to something more warm and personal.


To balance the natural elements of the design and bring a strong sense of efficacy the logo is printed vertically using silver and green and the silver is also present in the cap detailing.


We created all elements of the brand for the successful launch of the product into pharmacy stores nationwide.