Farmers Union Iced Coffee is a rare breed. For those who don't know it, or haven't been brought up with it might consider it old fashioned in appearance, a little quirky. For those who do know it, mainly in South Australia it's a true love brand. The brands' consumers are incredibly loyal and drink it in vast quantities on a daily basis. They don't want it to change - ever! To put it in context FUIC sells more than Coca-Cola, the worlds best know brand, in South Australia!


The Problem


FUIC is the core product and there were two additional variants, FUIC Strong and FUIC Light. The word 'Light' has many negative connotations such as 'weak', 'poor taste', and 'dieting' particularly for men. There was also some confusion as to whether the taste, the coffee level or the fat content was 'Light'.

FUIC Light needed a new name and a new identity that would help it stand out on shelf and be a new 'healthier option' men in particular could buy into.


The Idea


We created fantastic shelf standout by reversing the brands distinctive key colours, teal and white. In addition after testing many names we decided on 'One'. Simple, straightforward and to the point it describes the key attribute, only 1% fat in a bold masculine manner.


Clearly a part of the range - but clearly different FUIC One is ready to help men loose a few inches from their waists whilst still allowing them to drink their fill.


The Result


In the first two months of sales FUIC One is selling double the volume of the previous FUIC Light, a very promising start that has the Lion team very excited.