Nature's Cuppa

A fabulous product, genuine organic Ceylon tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka. Nature's Cuppa has been in the Australian market for over twenty years with little change in its' identity.


The Problem


It may taste great but it certainly didn't look great - Nature's Cuppa needed a completely new brand identity to revitalise it and bring to life it's authentic organic credentials.


The idea


In a highly competitive market we needed one big idea to stand for the brand and shout out from the fixture. The solution was to create a graphic interpretation of an organic tea plant, growing up through the pack with a cup and saucer logo sitting at the top like a blossom. The image is simple, easy to understand, striking and most importantly memorable. It sums up everything we wanted to say about Nature's Cuppa. 


Colour coding is achieved through changing the colour of the leaves for each variety of tea and a change of background colour for each of the different product ranges.


Simplicity and consistency are the keys to achieving great shelf standout and brand recognition. For a brand that was having products delisted at the major supermarkets the future now looks bright with the brand owner looking to export markets for future growth as well as building on the brands reputation in Australia. The new packs will be in store from late 2011, we're confident 2012 will be a big year for Nature's Cuppa.