Synonymous with the tag line 'Nibble Nobby's Nuts' Nobby's is the No. 1 brand of nuts in the Australian market.


The Problem


Nobby's faced a growing problem that nuts were becoming perceived as a commodity and the growth in supermarket private label offerings was hurting their growth potential. Nobby's is also sold at a significantly higher price than private label so to justify this higher price the brand needed to reflect its premium brand positioning and strong heritage.


The Idea


Our aim was to improve every aspect of the brand. The logo was redrawn to create more pleasing letterforms with an inline shadow added. The presentation of the nuts became much more generous showcasing the different varieties available and the foil stock of the pack was greatly enhanced by not prining white underneath the colour coding thus allowing the pack to look metallic. As well as modernising the typography the final touch was a quality seal applied around the edge of the pack which highlighted that Nobbys has been around since 1957.


With the core brand identity revitalised we were then able to focus on extending the Nobbys brand into other 'Pub snacks'. This range wasn't given a sub brand name but it did have a consistent range identity comprising of the product sitting on a dark wooden table with a dark brown background and product discriptor stamped onto the pack in a bold and masculine manner. Perfect with a pot of beer! The quality seal from the core range now became the carrier for the flavour identifier.


The Result


Nobby's has cemented itself as the premier snack brand outside of potato chips and has been able to retain it's price premium.