BigM One

1% Fat - same great taste!


The Problem

How to clearly communicate a 'better for you' product, (by reducing the amount of fat), without compromising the taste, or the perception of taste was the key challenge with the launch of new BigM One.


The Idea

Suggest full flavour through the use of strong colours - darker than the core variant. By doing this we avoided a perception of weak taste and a sense of compromise. By using the sub brand name 'One' we also avoided the negative connotations, particularly for males, of the words 'Light' or 'Diet' which are closely linked to restriction. The meaning of 'One' is clearly identified by placing the 1% fat claim front and centre of the carton.


The colour coding of the 'M' was reversed so that the outline became white and helped to lift the icon off the background whilst the 'M' itself was printed in the flavour variant colour. The circular swirl in the background helps focus the eye into the centre of the pack and the 'One' message whilst also being suggestive of the 'O' in 'One'.


Stand out on shelf is impressive, clearly differentiating itself from the core range whilst retaining the unity of a single Masterbrand identity.


In Western Australia the product is sold under the Masters brand.


The Result

Pre-launch sales during July 2012 have been double those estimated and we look forward to following the success of BigM One in the coming year.